Our Approach

Based in Mundelein, Illinois, Reveal Technology has been partnering with businesses around Chicagoland and the Midwest for over 15 years. Our goal is simple: We want to keep your business, and your people, productive.

We help keep your business productive, first, by understanding you, the needs of your business, the needs of your team, and the needs of your vendors and clients. Then, we make sure that your systems are running smoothly and are well protected. And finally, we work with you to train employees on how to protect themselves and your business in a constantly evolving landscape. It all matters to us as much as it matters to you.

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What We Do

Support Desk

24/7 connection to someone who can help you get up and running fast or answer questions to help you through a technical challenge.

VCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer)

We help you make important technology decisions around strategy and spending. Our Industry knowledge and partnerships allow us to help you make the best decisions for your business. We also help develop training and development programs for your team.

Command Center

Our central support system monitors, updates, and alerts to needs within your technical environment and allows us to respond quickly as well as creating visibility for proactive and preventative maintenance.

Security Services

Even our most basic package includes some level of backups, disaster recovery, and cyber security. In today's world, over 50% of small and medium sized business fall victim to some level of cyber breach. Our mission in this area is to give your business a fighting chance against those who would desire to do your business harm.

System Analysis

We continuously monitor and analyze all of your managed systems. When we say "continuously," we really mean that. Our systems alert us to problems 24/7. Each day we analyze your environment and make sure you are up and running and your people are productive. Often times, we know about issues before you do.